West Michigan law firm specializing in business & family attorney services - serving Zeeland, Holland, Grand Rapids - Boerman Law Office PLCBoerman Law Offices is located in downtown Zeeland, serving individuals, families and businesses in West Michigan.  Mary Jo Boerman is the sole practitioner in the firm.  She is a native of Holland, Michigan and has been practicing in Ottawa, Allegan, Kent and Muskegon counties since 1996. 


Serving Businesses and Families in West Michigan

Whether creating an estate plan for your family, a special needs trust for your child, setting up an LLC for your business or drafting a rental agreement for your property, you will be given sound legal advice in a timely manner and at a fair cost.  You will be treated fairly and ethically and your time and money will be respected.   If you need to schedule an evening appointment or prefer that a meeting be held at your home or business, such arrangements will be made. 


Questions Welcome

If you have questions about a legal issue you may be facing, whether the services of an attorney are needed in your circumstances or how much such legal services may cost, feel free to call. 

  Many services are offered on a fixed, flat-fee basis.

Welcome to Boerman Law Offices, PLC

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